Top 5 Best Inflatable Camping Chair Reviews For 2017

Nature’s gifts just keep on giving. If you ever want to watch a genuinely awe-inspiring miracle, wake up to watch the sunrise unfold in front of you. In this era of Netflix and chill, we are dismissing the fruits of nature by staying indoors far too often.

Top 5 Best Inflatable Camping Chair Reviews For 2017The sad thing is that we are so busy in our city lives that we overlook the beauty of small things. Sometimes, we fail to remember that we are humans and not machines; we tire ourselves out with all the never ending work and appointments.

However, one thing is common between humans and machines: Both need some time to recharge. Humans recharge by taking a break from their busy lives. The best way to treat yourself to some “me time” is to enjoy the outdoors. Camping is the best way to refresh and recharge your mind.

There are several benefits of camping: It provides lots of exercise, the fresh air is beneficial, and it is a far more effective stress reliever than drugs like Prozac. Beware, however! Camping is addictive because it makes you feel ten times lighter—you won’t be able to get enough of it.

To enjoy the outdoors, you will need some top-notch camping gear such as flashlights, trekking boots, a survival kit, a first aid box, and a tent, etc. But the most important thing you will need is a chair—something comfy to sit on. You will need to rest for quite some time while camping, though lugging a big couch would be just a little inconvenient.

Inflatable Camping ChairTherefore, in this age of amazing inflatable furniture, inflatable lounge chairs and inflatable sofas are the best choice because they are lightweight and compact… though we may not be at the inflatable tent stage just yet! Long gone are the days of lugging heavy-duty folding chairs with us in order to experience the great outdoors.

For Your Convenience, We Have Reviewed And Shortlisted The Five Best Inflatable Camping Chairs Of 2017:

Intex Inflatable Pink Empire Chair 68582EP:

Intex Inflatable Pink Empire Chair 68582EPOur first pick is the Intex Empire Chair. Its spacious seating makes it the ideal chair for relaxing. When it comes to inflatable products, Intex is our first choice because of its excellent quality. The seat folds compactly and is easy to travel with due to its weight of just 6.5 pounds.Intex Inflatable Pink Empire Chair 68582EP

It is long-lasting and survives rough use. You will only need to re-inflate it once or twice a month, depending on its use. The Empire Chair has a 2-ply reinforced bottom which makes it perfect for outdoor use. Plus, it has an extra wide nozzle for fast inflating and deflating purpose.

You can quickly inflate it with an air pump. This chair is quality tested and has a laminated bottom. Therefore, it won’t puncture when placed on a rough surface. Made from waterproof material, the Intex Empire Chair is your perfect companion for an adventurous camping experience and can hold up to 210 pounds in weight.

MAMBLE Inflatable Lounger Sofa:

This air-chair is best for traveling, camping, and beach trips. Now you won’t have to carry heavy bean bags or foldable plastic chairs with you; the MAMBLE inflatable lounger sofa is the ultimate camping co mpanion for your needs.

The best part is that it doesn’t require an air pump—you can just swing it in the direction of the wind/fan/air conditioner and hey presto your air lounger will be fully blown up in under a minute.

MAMBLE Inflatable Lounger Sofa PortableWhen it’s time to leave, you just have to deflate, fold and put it in the extra nylon carry bag which comes with it. This air lounge weighs 1.6 pounds but can hold up to 400 lb. Apart from having a unique design, this inflatable chair comes in four different funky colors and patterns.

It’s constructed from a lightweight fire-retardant material which means you can easily sit beside a campfire to roast marshmallows and enjoy yourself. It is waterproof and easy to clean, making it a must-have for your next camping trip.

Intex Pull-Out Chair Inflatable Bed:

The reason why this Intex chair made it to our list is that it is also a bed. This product is multipurpose. So, when you are exhausted after a long day of hiking and want some quality sleep, you can just pull out the cushion to turn it into a twin-size air mattress.

Intex Pull-out Chair Inflatable BedIt weighs 10 pounds and can handle up to 300 pounds of weight. This pull-out chair is made of high-quality vinyl. It is really comfortable, making it an efficient inflatable camping chair because of its durability and versatility.

It has an armrest as well as a backrest to relax all your muscles after a long and tiring walk. It is recommended to fill it with high-volume, low-pressure air pumps. This chair comes in only a navy-blue color.

TEROMAS Inflatable Lounger Chair:

Designed for efficiency and comfort, it is much softer and ten times more durable than a regular chair. Discard your old mat-like sleeping bags because this product is also a makeshift sofa/lounger. It is sturdy and durable thanks to the seamless welding technology which makes its material fuse.TEROMAS Inflatable Lounger

When you are lying in your TEROMAS Inflatable Lounger chair, it feels like a non-swaying hammock because of its nylon material. This air lounger is light and doesn’t even occupy much space. Due to its fast filling property to inflate it, you should just run it against the direction of the wind about 20 feet. It is the ideal chair/lounger/sofa because its manufacturing includes PV film and PC adhesive tape which makes it persist the rough outdoor grounds.

ChestAIRfield Inflatable Chair:

Last but not least, we have ChestAirfield inflatable chair, which takes just two minutes to blow up and its quick-release valves help deflate it in under one minute. It comes with a patch fix kit and A/C pump, so you won’t have to look elsewhere for a suitable air pump at an extra cost.

It can be used in indoors as well as outdoors. With its footprint backrest, this cozy chair provides your pelvic the support it needs. It is a high-end inflatable chair made from durable and long-lasting PVC.ChestAIRfield Inflatable Chair

When it comes to inflatable camping chairs, these chairs are the finest—they are cost effective and save you from a whole lot of trouble of carrying plastic foldable stools. Moreover, each chair has something unique to offer, so choose wisely. In addition, these chairs won’t pop easily, making them the absolute best around.

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