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Moon Lence Ultralight Portable Folding Camping Backpacking Chairs

Finding the right camping chair is difficult. There are a lot of mechanics to consider before one makes a purchase. Because of the wave of information, buyers face anxiety when looking for what they need.

Also, review sites fail to give the necessary information. After being overwhelmed, customers either buy the product or rejects it immediately. Thus, making it hard for the customer to make a conscious decision. Camping chairs shouldn’t be a hassle.

Buying outdoor equipment online is frustrating because of the inability to see and test the product. The advantage is on the cost effectiveness of sourcing it online versus local stores. You tend to have better warranty options. Getting your chairs and other equipment online also ensures getting them for a fraction of the cost.

Moon Lence Camping Chair Versatility

We understand that shopping is a stressful process. During the shopping phase, you’re searching for the chair that suits your needs. We suggest finding a chair whose features matches your values.

Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of resources and information to assist you. Here, we discuss the pros and cons on one of the most popular chairs in the market. By the end of the article, you’ll have enough buying confidence to make the right purchase.

So, let’s begin.

About The Chairs

The Moon Lence Ultralight Camping Chair is a fantastic light portable chair for backpacking. The first thing you’ll notice is its compact design. Since it weighs at about 3.5 ounces, the chair is lightweight. But don’t mistake lightweight for low durability. This chair holds up to 245 pounds of weight.


  • Strong aluminum frame
  • Comfortable seat net
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Versatile
  • Adjustable chair position
Moon Lence Camping Chair Adjustable Position

Wood Louse/Moon Lence is a new company that reached the market. Over the past ten years, the company provided high-quality outdoor products. We like Moon Lence because of their portable, yet functional chairs.

This chair is highly portable. When receiving the chair, we’ve noticed that the carrying bag is small enough to fit on one hand. Even though it's less than $30, the chair has features that exceed its price. Because of that reason, it’s a great chair for those who want to take their chair anywhere.

Results Gained From The Chairs

The first result is its compact design. For instance, the chair is lightweight; weighing in at about 3 ounces. Also, we liked the carrying case that comes with the chair. Mainly, it’s lightweight appearance helps when going on long camping trips.

Another plus is the chair is comfortable. The seat comes with an ergonomic design that relaxes the user. In fact, the soft net of the chair makes one feel comfortable once seated. We recommend using the chair if you have sensitive health and need to relax.

But, there are a few issues associated with this chair. For example, customer’s main complaint is that the chair seat doesn’t fit the frame. When using the chair, we’ve noticed one of the legs was missing. Even though it is a minor issue, we suggest using caution when placing the seat on the frame of the chair.

Moon Lence Camping Chair Features

We wish that the chair came with a reclining feature. While the chair is comfortable to sit on, it feels awkward once leaning back. Also, we didn’t like the low durability. After a few minutes of use, the chair started to break down. Thus, proving to be a problem for bigger people.

The Moon Lence Portable Folding Chair is a great basic camping chair. It supports up to 245 pounds and its lightweight. While the chair has flaws in its durability, proper care helps extend its lifespan. Overall, we think this chair would be good for a small picnic or camping trips.

What Customers Say

There are alot of good reviews that lend credibility to the Moon Lence chair.

I own two chairs of this same model. It puts itself together by shaking the legs. I’ve noticed how easy it is to place the mesh on the legs. First, install the bottom two. Then the top/back of the seat for it to work properly.

It’s a bit shaky, but it’s just by the design of the chair.

When seeing consumer’s comments, notice how they describes the chair’s ease of use. While some consumers complain about the chair’s mesh cover, It is simple to install. Make sure to install from bottom to top to ensure that the chair works properly.

Moon Lence Camping Chair On White Background

The reason why consumers recommend this chair is because of its lightweight design. It’s a small chair, but it supports the weight of the average person. Because of the small appearance, it is useful for short camping trips.

Buying Advice

The Moon Lence Portable Chair can be easily repaired if damaged. The upholstery that would fit it would only cost a fraction to replace. As far it’s weight goes, it’s one of the lighter of its kind. Though the lack of color options can make it lesser than other chairs.

If aesthetics matter, there are other chairs that are better suited to your needs. If it’s all about the comfort and easy of transport, this is a great chair. It’s not easily damaged, but the mesh makes it more vulnerable. The mesh is stronger than normal due to its fiber threading.


To conclude, the Moon Lence Portable Chair is good for simple usage. It’s lightweight, versatile, and easy to carry. While some consumers dislike installing the mesh seat onto the chair, it’s easy to install. Just install from the bottom legs to the top and you’ll be fine.

We recommend this camping chair if you’re in need of a quick chair to use. But due to the chair’s lack of durability, it might be a problem for longer camp excursions. Conclusively, if you want a basic chair, then the Moon Lence Portable Chair is an ideal choice.

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