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Compact Camping Chair: 5 Camp Chairs You’ll Actually Want To Pack In

Going camping is one of the best activities to enjoy with friends and family, though packing for that camping trip… not so much. The accessories you want to take with you such as camp chairs are often the items that cause the most stress when packing up to hit the road. Choosing the right camp chairs can be difficult. You need to balance style, comfort, and portability—all at once! The camp chairs that you pack into a small car might not be the same ones you would choose to put into your 35-foot travel trailer. Everyone has unique needs when choosing camp chairs. With that in mind, we created a list that covers some of the best folding compact camping chair available. We will outline the pros and cons of each model to help you make the right decision for your next camping adventure. Here they are—folding camping chairs for camping without compromise!

Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Lounger Chair

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After a long day of hiking, playing sports, or eating as much tasty camp food as you can, there’s nothing better than sitting back in a comfortable seat. This zero gravity camp chair takes the stress off of your body and lets you lean back to enjoy true relaxation. Zero gravity chairs put an emphasis on relaxation and that usually means reclining to get the feeling that you’re floating on air. With that in mind, this compact folding chair is fantastic for relaxing but not as great as other chairs when it comes to added features. There’s a cup holder and that’s about it for features. If you want to lean back and relax then this is the chair for you. If you want a deluxe chair to hold all of your drinks and snacks while you sit around the campfire then you may want to continue reading. As for portability, this chair folds up easily into a fairly slim profile. It may be a little larger than some other options but the size is great for most campers who are looking to save space.

Picnic Time Portable Reclining Camp Chair

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This is the kind of camp chair people will argue over who gets to sit in. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. If you show up at the campsite with this comfy chair then you better expect to have to defend your space by winning a few games of horseshoes. The cushion immediately shows off the level of comfort that this outdoor folding chair offers. The reclining feature is very unique for this style of chair and will definitely be a welcome feature for many. A cup holder conveniently keeps your drink within reach and the process to fold up and stow away this chair is incredibly quick and easy. The large cushion on this chair makes it a little bulkier than other chairs that use a similar style. Also, if you want to recline a lot and truly kick back, you may find this doesn’t offer as many reclining options as a zero gravity chair. With that said, if you want one of the comfiest chairs at the campsite, then this is your seat.

Picnic Time Portable Folding Sports Chair

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This other option from Picnic Time sacrifices comfort in exchange for utility and portability. One look that this chair tells you that this won’t be the most comfortable chair you have ever sat in. Of course, if you’re the type to go camping in a tent and sleep on the ground then perhaps you aren’t concerned about comfort first and foremost. This folding camp chair folds up into a compact form factor while offering a lot of additional features which can certainly come in handy while camping. The side table is perfect for holding your food and drink while the fabric storage compartments are a great way to have important things like bug spray, a flashlight, and matches close at hand. Will this chair win you any awards for style or comfort? No. However, you will look smart for choosing a versatile chair and, frankly, camping is about being with friends—not having the most comfortable outdoor folding chair.

Sunnydaze Folding Rocking Lounge Chair

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Who says you have to go to an antique store to get a good rocking chair? This chair brings the comfort of a rocking chair and combines it with the portability and practicality of a camp chair. The design is quite clever and allows you to bring a rocking chair out to the fire pit without having to compromise on packing other essentials like a cooler full of drinks. The fabric is strong and weather resistant so you don’t have to worry if it gets a little wet—the fabric should dry out quickly so you can get back to rocking by the campfire. The one noticeable downside to choosing this chair is the lack of other features aside from rocking. There are no cup holders or trays and the chair does not recline beyond its normal rocking motion. If you love a good rocking chair then this is a great option to take camping. If you want utility over any other feature then this may not be the right chair for you.

Star Wars Full-Size Millennium Falcon Foldable Moon Chair

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Show off your love for Star Wars with this big, comfortable folding camp chair! The padding on this Star Wars camp chair is perfect for those who want to kick back and relax for a long night of laughing and chatting beside the campfire. The open design is perfect for parents who may have a young child want to hop up and sit on their lap. Also, the chair folds up easily for quick storage. The large cushion does take up some additional room when folded but the folded size is very competitive with other models on this list. If you’re a Star Wars fan and a fan of comfy camp chairs then this is the chair you want to buy. Of course, you will pay a little extra for a branded product from a popular movie series and, beyond the comfy cushion, there really aren’t any additional features here to get excited about.

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