Best Oversized Camping Chair

Best Oversized Camping Chair Reviews 2017

When we think about camping, we usually think about sitting around a campfire, snuggled up on an old log toasting marshmallows on a stick. We don’t think, however, about hard seating. Though the classic image of campers is people sitting on logs, the reality of that isn’t all that cozy or all that comfortable.

Let us shift our experience with camping to something that is actually comfortable. Nowadays, there are folding chairs, recliner chairs, oversized arm chairs, gravity chairs, beach chairs, and other comfortable seats to name but a few to go with your camping gear. In this article, we have created a review of the comfiest and best-oversized camping chairs for 2017.

This article goes through some the top-rated chairs, all of which can be found on Amazon. We have not only gone through the specifications of each portable chair but also what reviewers are saying about each product. It’s out with the hard log and in with the living room level comfort in seating as part of your core equipment for your next camping or barbeque adventure. Let’s Jump Right In:

1. The Coleman Big-N-Tall Quad Chair

The Coleman Big-N-Tall Quad ChairThis Chair Is Rated 4.5/5 Stars On Amazon.

• This chair comes in 2 colors (blue and tan)
• It has a water-resistant cell phone sleeve which lets you use your phone while keeping it protected
• It has an oversized design for more sitting room giving the camper a 24-inch seat
• It has adjustable arm heights
• It has a convenient seat draining system that helps keep the seat dry
• It also has a strong steel frame which can support up to 600 pounds
• This seat is very reasonably priced

Reviews: Users said that usually with foldable chairs they sit more like a sling than a chair. This chair is taller and sits higher up making it much more comfortable and easy to get out of. Others said that this chair is sturdy and ‘tough’ indicative of well-designed and made.

2. Kijaro XXL Dual Lock Chair

Kijaro XXL Dual Lock ChairThis Chair Is Rated 4/5 Stars On Amazon.

• This chair comes in 8 different colors (turquoise, gray, green, yellow, blue, black, red, and orange)
• It has patented dual lock technology that locks the chair in both the open and closed position
• It has oversized seating with an improved posture system and seat support for optimal comfort
• It has 2 mesh, one 32-ounce, and one regular sized cup holders
• It has breathable mesh on seat back to keep the camper cool and dry
• It has a 400-pound weight capacity
• It is mid-range in price

Reviews: This chair had similar reviews stating that the height of the chair makes it more comfortable as well as easy to get out of. The one complaint that was common was that the seat a little stiff but that it isn’t uncomfortable, just not as comfortable as most of these bucket style of chairs.

3. KingCamp Sofa Chair Oversize Padded Reclining Folding Heavy Duty Deluxe Portable Stable For Camping, Hiking, Carry Bag Included

KingCamp Sofa ChairRated 4.5/5 Stars On Amazon.

• This chair comes in one color
• This chair has an oversized design roughly 32×29×17 inches with a clip cotton cloth fabric (Oxford)
• The chair’s seat and back are padded, comfortable, and durable
• The chair has a 1-year warranty
• With the chairs folding design, it is simple to open out and fold in just seconds
• It’s steel tubes have a bracket structure in design. It comes with extra straps at the bottom to enhance fabric’s tear strength
• Its weight capacity is 300 pounds
• The chair weighs 13.7 pounds. Its size is only 41.7 × 13 × 9.8 inches (folded)
• It comes with a carry bag (strap included) for an easy carry
• This chair is ideal for indoor use as a coach or taken to a picnic outdoors, patio party, camping, the beach, and fishing
• This fits in the mid to higher range in price
Reviews: Users said that it gets more attention because of its interesting design. Other users said that the chair is very comfortable (some take naps in it at home). The size is also noted often in comments, saying that the size is ideal.

4. Coleman Oversized Quad Chair With Cooler

Coleman Oversized Quad Chair with CoolerThis Chair Is Rated 4.5/5 Stars On Amazon.

• This chair comes in 4 colors (blue, black, red and gray)
• It has built-in arm rest cooler which holds up to four cans
• It has a mesh cup holder that keeps the fifth drink at hand
• It has storage pocket to keep magazines and personal items in
• It has adjustable arm rest heights
• It has durable construction, heavy-duty steel frame which can support up to 300 pounds
• It has a compact design which folds up to fit inside most car trunks
• It comes with a carry bag for easy transport and storage
• It also comes with a 1-year limited warranty

Reviews: Again, many reviewers said that the height of the chair is handy because it makes it easier to get out of. This chair has a common theme in reviews of being comfortable and the cooler on the side is very handy.

5. Ozark Trail Oversized Cozy Camping Chair includes Carry Bag With Carrying Strap

Ozark Trail Oversized Cozy Camping ChairThis Chair Has A 5/5 Star Rating On Amazon.

• This chair comes in 1 color
• It has a lightweight design and is incredibly comfortable
• It has a wide mesh seat for added comfort and ventilation.
• It has a durable steel frame with built-in cup holders
• It has an attached headrest for extra support
• It has easy setup and storage
• It includes carrying bag with carrying strap for easy transport
• Its dimensions are roughly 37x34x35 inches.
• Its weight capacity is up to 300 pounds

Reviews: Reviewers said that this chair was both comfortable because of its design and fabric but also because of the mesh. It kept the users cool and comfortable.
That is our review of the best over-sized camping chairs for 2017. We hope that this article was helpful in your pursuits of purchasing your chair. Happy Camping!