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Best Camping Chair with Canopy: Buying Advice and Top 5 Reviews for 2017

If you’re an avid camper then you know how essential a good camping chair is. Whether it is a folding chair or a beach chair, it serves as a place to rest, relax, hang out with friends or family, and even a place to eat your meals. So why get an uncomfortable chair that’s going to ruin your camping experience? You have spent the money on a decent tent so why not improve your seating experience? A good, strong folding camp chair with a canopy is an essential thing to have when you plan on spending time in the great outdoors—even if you’re a big man. The chair gives you a place to rest and the canopy protects you from the elements and some even allow you to rest your beers or other drinks with handy cup holders. Here are some great folding camping chairs with a canopy for you to check out. Simply sling a couple in your car along with your tent and get ready for the ultimate camping experience.

Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair

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The Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair is perfect for everything from camping to watching sporting events to hanging out in the backyard. The folding chair part is great, but the canopy goes one step further as it offers great protection from the elements. It extends far enough in all directions to ensure that you get coverage. The sloped sides allow rainwater to easily run off without collecting on the canopy and causing it to sag. However, the canopy isn’t just for cool, rainy days. You also get great protection from the sun using this canopy. It has 50+ UPF sun protection, which is very handy to have if you are spending a lot of time in the sun. Whether you need shade or protection from rain, this is a fantastic camp chair with canopy.

Kelsyus Kid’s Canopy Chair

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Don’t forget about the little ones! While they may spend more time running around than you do, they still need a canopy chair to park themselves when their energy begins to run low. This Kelsyus canopy chair is perfectly suited for a child and offers a large canopy with similar protection to the larger model above. The canopy, once again, has 50+ UPF sun protection, which is great for children who need a break from the sun and heat before they get back to playing. Best of all, the Kelsyus Kid’s Canopy Chair is lightweight, only weighing in at 4.8 pounds. That means you won’t have to carry it around yourself everywhere you go.

Sport-Brella Recliner Chair

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Bring the comfort of your living room recliner outdoors with this great camping chair with a canopy! The adjustable swivel umbrella canopy offers 50+ UPF protection in the sun and the comfort features make this chair one of the most comfortable chairs on this list. There are 3 reclining options for the chair to suit your own preferences. Hate getting out of your comfy chair to grab a beverage? Between the insulated storage pocket and cup holder, this Sport-Brella Recliner Chair can hold up to 4 drinks at a time. No need to get up unless you want to! Just kick your feet up, recline the seat back, and enjoy your day!

World Famous Sports Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

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Comfort and protection from the elements come together in one sleek package with the World Famous Sports Zero Gravity Lounge Chair. These chairs feature adjustable reclining options to help make you feel unbelievably comfortable. There is also great lumbar support and a removable headrest. If you have just spent a long day hiking then this is the chair you want to come back to. A removable drink tray makes sure you have a cold beverage within reach at all times. And, best of all, the chairs fold up tight so they won’t take up much room in your vehicle while you travel. The only downside to these chairs is when you inevitably fall asleep and miss out on the great campfire stories.

Kelsyus Bug Guard Canopy Chair

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The rain and sunshine aren’t the only things you need protection from while camping. Bugs can be the biggest annoyance while you try tonight outdoors. No matter how much bug spray you apply, a few of them always seem to take a bite anyway. This bug guard canopy chair keeps the bugs away with an all-around bug net that protects you from any flying friends who want to ruin your trip. A zipper on the front makes going in and out of the bug net quick and easy. Now you can sit and enjoy the evening without having to reapply bug spray every half hour just to avoid getting bit. The canopy above still offers great sun and rain protection so you can feel confident you’re ready for whatever Mother Nature decides to throw at you.

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